Hoax Emails/Domain Names

Hoax Emails/Domain Names

We have been made aware of unsolicited emails that have been sent to members of the general public from individuals claiming to be from Nabarro LLP. The emails, which come from private email accounts, say that the recipient is a beneficiary of some money under a will or that the recipient's assistance is needed to obtain some funds. They may ask for confidential information, such as dates of birth or bank details.

We are also aware of emails which involve an advance fee scam undertaken by persons unrelated to Nabarro LLP who are impersonating one of our lawyers and which purport to be related to a job offer by Addax Petroleum. 

These emails do not come from Nabarro LLP and should be deleted and reported to UK Action Fraud immediately (www.actionfraud.police.uk). 

We have also seen evidence that Nabarro LLP's logo has been used on legal documents and correspondence regarding matters in which this firm has no involvement.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of emails, or any other document, which purport to be from Nabarro, please send them to info@nabarro.com so that they can be verified.

Domain Name Abuse

If you have concerns about any of the domain names we manage, please contact us at info@nabarro.com.