Brexit Contingency Group

Following the vote to leave the EU, the biggest problem for UK business today is that no one knows exactly what will happen next.

The UK's withdrawal from the EU will take some time – at least two years from when we give formal notice of withdrawal – but contingency planning for your business will be crucial.

We believe the appropriate response is to start thinking about some of the “what ifs?”, and to formulate ideas which could be pursued in the event of Brexit.
We've put together a talented team of lawyers to help you think about the potential consequences for your business. They all have proven experience of supporting companies in fast-moving, challenging circumstances.

We can help you develop your strategy and thinking so that you are well-placed to protect your commercial interests should Britain exit the EU. 

Download pdf Brexit - Sector Focus

Brexit - Sector Focus

Following the vote to leave the EU, we have created a guide which identifies the potential impact of Brexit on each of our key sectors. This guide will provide you with the key implications that you need to be aware of and a sector key contact should you wish to discuss this further. A copy be downloaded here.

Brexit: Impact on UK Real Estate

Brexit: Impact on UK Real Estate

Before the referendum, we asked: what impact would Brexit have on UK commercial real estate? 64% of respondents felt there would be a negative impact, but 72% said that the then impending referendum would not delay their investment plans. Read more in our report on the UK Real Estate market