As General Counsel (GC), you need to strike a balance between your professional obligations and commercial responsibilities to your employer.

You're likely to be working under a number of pressures, including significant time and financial constraints. You have the dual challenge of getting value from your own resources and your external lawyers – and you're expected to show how you deliver value.

Over the past few years, we've talked to hundreds of GCs operating across the globe about their roles and careers. We've published five reports on our findings which examine key facets of your role and give practical tools to help you achieve your ambitions.

Download pdf General Counsel Report: Reaching new heights?

General Counsel Report: Reaching new heights?

The fifth Nabarro General Counsel report, “Reaching new heights?”explores the development of the GC role and the contribution made by GCs to their businesses over the last five years.

The survey conducted for this year's report shows that GCs are more ambitious than ever, with increasing numbers striving to achieve more for their businesses, themselves and their teams. But they are operating in a changing landscape, as global influences and questions about values come to the fore. Risk and reputation management are the new challenges (or opportunities) for GCs.

Download the report to read the complete survey and interviews with senior in-house lawyers: Jonathan Stevens from Atos; Kathryn Coville from GSK, Hugh Ford from intu, and Lesley Wan from Lloyds Banking Group.

Download pdf Room to grow? How to manage and engage talent

Room to grow? How to manage and engage talent

Our fourth GC report, ‘Room to grow?’ concentrates on one of the biggest management challenges facing GCs who have been successful in those things: how to engage, motivate and manage top talent.

For this year's report, we surveyed 100 GCs and other senior lawyers managing in-house legal teams to understand their talent management techniques and how GCs can develop a successful talent management development plan.

The results of the survey and interviews have been published in our latest report. Find out more details here.

Download pdf The Influential GC

The Influential GC

Our third report, "The Influential GC" considers the question of influence in relation to the GC role. Our research suggests that, whatever your position, you are likely to have scope to become more influential and can 'up your game' no matter what your starting point.

This report includes more in-depth case studies than ever before, where successful senior in-house lawyers discuss the challenges of influence in their various roles. We also provide practical tools for those wishing to assess and increase their influence.  Download "The Influential GC" here.

Download pdf General Counsel: Vague About Value?

General Counsel: Vague About Value?

Our second report, 'General counsel: vague about value?' is based on a survey of over 100 senior in-house lawyers in which we explored what affects the perceived value of the in-house legal function.

We discovered that many GCs find it difficult to prove the value that they add to a business, making it harder for them to become real "business counsel" operating strategically at the most senior levels within a company.

We examine some of the ways in which GCs may be able to demonstrate their worth and discuss five case studies in which senior and successful in-house lawyers talk about how the issues we have raised apply to them. Download our second GC report here.

Download pdf From In-house Lawyer To Business Counsel

From In-house Lawyer To Business Counsel

Our inaugural GC report "From in-house lawyer to business counsel" contains the results of nearly 100 interviews with senior in-house lawyers and CEOs. It tells the story of how GCs view themselves and how much they are valued by senior management: only one third thought they were highly valued and able to influence at board level.

We've also included a strategy map checklist to help you clarify objectives, improve performance and measure value, making it easier to run your legal department and increase your leadership value. Download our first GC report here.