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Our Commercial Real Estate group has an unrivalled reputation for executing some of the largest, most complex real estate transactions. The wealth of experience and range of skills in our group means that we can deliver a seamless, complete service throughout all stages of the asset lifecycle. 


Download pdf 2017 trends in UK real estate: Charting a new course?

2017 trends in UK real estate: Charting a new course?

The political storms whipped up in 2016 buffeted markets across the world. We enter 2017 with a new captain at the helm of HMS Great Britain; can Theresa May steer us to safer shores? With the shape of BREXIT still unclear and elections due in France, Germany and the Netherlands, we may have to wait a while until we feel we are on solid ground again. Fortunately the political uncertainty hasn't completely taken the wind out of the sails of the UK real estate market. Nabarro has created an infographic in which we map out some of the trends likely to play out of the coming year. 

Download pdf Brexit - Sector Focus

Brexit - Sector Focus

Following the vote to leave the EU, we have created a guide which identifies the potential impact of Brexit on the real estate sector. The weak pound and general economic uncertainty is likely to attract overseas buyers who want to snap up deals before the market rises again. The risk however is the increased volatility in the Fx markets.  

This guide will provide you with the key implications that you need to be aware of and a sector key contact should you wish to discuss this further. A copy of the guide can be downloaded here.

Game changer: deciding what,where and when to invest

Game changer: deciding what,where and when to invest

Nabarro's seventh annual real assets conference: "Game changer: deciding what,where and when to invest" was held at Royal Horticultural Halls, Lindley Hall, London in October 2016. Over 450 property professionals gathered for an opportunity to listen to the views of our leading industry figures, those of which, also found it a valuable opportunity to network with contacts.  

Download pdf UK real estate in the digital age

UK real estate in the digital age

We live in a digital age. Technology is transforming our everyday lives, shaping the buildings where we live and work, and changing the way real estate is located, developed and transacted. Against this digital backdrop, our latest research explores what the future holds for the UK real estate market. We consider short term market dynamics in the context of the Brexit vote, and the longer term impact of technological innovation and disruption.

Download pdf 'Readiness for Sale' - A guide for streamlining commercial property transactions

'Readiness for Sale' - A guide for streamlining commercial property transactions

In 1995, a working party was set up by the IPF to consider existing procedures for the acquisition and disposal of real estate and to recommend improvements that would speed up the sale and purchase disposal process. The consultation led to the publication of ‘Readiness for Sale’ in 1996.

It is clear that ensuring a property is ‘ready for sale’ is even more crucial in challenging economic times as prices are often renegotiated and funders become increasingly selective on assets and their sponsors. Against this background, the IPF decided to review the 1996 publication and constituted a new Working Group in 2011. The second edition of 'Readiness for Sale' was published in May 2012.

Real estate partners and members of the IPF Working Group Ciaran Carvalho and Clare Thomas, were key contributors to the report. Read the full report here.